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Delivery of professional quality and a profitable level of productivity by the affiliated contractors and members of the union building trades, ensure measurable value for developers, owners and all construction customers.  These contractors and skilled professional construction workers, who are members of the award-winning Labor / Management group, TRICON (Tri-County Construction Labor Management Council, Inc.), can take pride that their accomplishments brought Behr Iron and Metal to seek out a Better Built®  product.

After two years of planning, Behr Iron and Metal, a South Side Peoria company that recycles metal, upgraded their operation with a brand new state-of-the-art Shredder.  The Shredder is just one of only three of its size and design in the United States.  The company knew it needed to build a brand new facility. According to Behr Project Manager Dave Moser, “We’ve done a lot of work with Peoria Metro in the past. We’ve also worked with the unions in the area. Once we agreed on the contract, it all happened fast, as far as, getting started.  All the contractors came together and communication was excellent. Everyone hit the ground running and we were able to get so much done in such a short time.” 

According to Architect Greg Doolin of Designs Solution Group, who provided architecture services throughout the project, the site work by R.A. Cullinan and the members of the Operating Engineers exceeded expectations. “The key was they were fantastic and got all the grades correct, including adding two feet of soil.” He added, “then Peoria Metro completed the entire 130,000 square feet of twelve inch thick concrete  pavement for a slab the size of Walmart.”. The pad for the shredder, conveyor and control building had to conform to exacting standards. “We had to use forty foot pilings,”, Moser says, “the pad has to support the 500,000 pound shredder,” adding, “and it has to be within a one inch standard so the surveying for the elevation had to be exact.” 

Ongoing training on the latest techniques and tools, materials, and processes provided by both the affiliated contractors and union, provides enhanced productivity. Doolin commented, “We had days when we would pour 670 cubic yards of concrete and the use of a laser screed helped us to use manpower more effectively.”
Cooperation produces success. “The biggest thing is always the working relationship among the participants, and on this project there was a team spirit from start to finish,” Doolin says, adding, “even though we were not working for each other, we were certainly working with each other.”  Moser agrees. “There were so many good people on the project, I was very pleased with every contractor, there were no problems,” adding, “It went better and faster than I thought a difficult project like this could go.”

A previous Behr project, which sends a large amount of recycled metal to Keystone Steel & Wire Co. in neighboring Bartonville, played a role in this project. Keystone spins the reclaimed metal into wire, and sends it to a company in Iowa which makes welded wire mesh for paving. So the metal fabric used on the concrete for the Behr expansion had originally come from recycled metal processed at the same plant. “This is a project that comes full circle,” Doolin says.

The quest for a facility built better than the standard margin of error had led Behr to seek out the quality of a Better Built® contractor. According to Moser the union affiliated contractors and members of the professional union building trades delivered. “The respect among the contractors and the ability to work out obstacles helped this project. I appreciate the teamwork. It was a difficult project and we all learned as we went. I believe it was a complete success, “ adding, “there were no lost time accidents, in fact, no accidents at all as safety was a main focus, as well as, high quality product.”

Story by Chris Stevens. Edited by Mary Sanders

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