Member Feature: Brian Faulkner, AIA, LEED AP, Project Manager with PJ Hoerr, Inc.



Brian Faulkner is a Senior Project Manager with PJ Hoerr. He’s originally from a country home just south of Rock Island. All of his degrees are from the University of Illinois - Urbana. He began his construction career as an architect in Decatur. He was introduced to PJ Hoerr on a school project, liked working with the company and had wanted to make the change to construction management. He came on board with them at his first opportunity in 2004. He brought a total package skill set that helps PJ Hoerr to start a project from concept and design then follow through with construction. To learn more about some of Brian's projects, you can visit the PJ Hoerr blog.

PJ Hoerr, Inc. has a long standing history in the Peoria area and in union construction. In fact, their 100-year anniversary is coming up in 2014. One reason for PJ Hoerr’s longevity in the Peoria and Bloomington/Normal areas is labor-management cooperation. The company’s leaders see value and leadership training in having young PM’s like Brian come up through the ranks of organizations like TRICON and GPCSA. This offers an opportunity to build relationships he couldn’t get from the job site or from the office.

Brian, 39, lends a voice to the younger generation in construction management. He admits in the advanced world of e-mails and text messages, it has been difficult to learn what situations warrant an actual phone call and what can be served by a simple e-mail. He decides which form of communication works based on the type of answer he’s looking for. Opinions get phone calls. Facts get e-mailed. Which leads him to say his favorite tools are his phone and computer. His job requires him to be strongly schedule oriented. Without his phone and computer, scheduling would be very difficult.

When asked for his opinion on the future of the construction industry, he talked about green building. With incentives available for LEED- type projects, and the durability of structures like those standing in the “Warehouse District,” combined with a slow economy, adding “green” to remodel designs is significant to construction. New buildings will always be built simply due to the expanding population.

Brian and his wife of 15 years, Julie, and two sons, Luke (8) and Jake 5), live in Washington, IL.

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