Better Built Members understand that in order provide a higher level of service, you have to do MORE and you have to do it BETTER.

From training and safety to innovation and cooperation, Better Built Members have greater expertise in the nuances of building construction. And this expertise expands beyond their individual talents and trades. That's how Better Built Members add value to the process. Better Built Members are focused on one thing, giving customers the best construction experience possible.

Better Built Members have extensive training, including college education and comprehensive apprenticeships.

Better Built Members undergo intensive training. Depending on their field of expertise, some Better Built Members have as many as five or more years of training experience, including apprenticeship and degrees in business, architecture and other construction-related areas. Better Built Members know that ongoing training experience is vital to their success. Their experience shows in the quality of work and the service they provide.

Better Built Members believe health and safety are the responsibility of every individual.

Attitude, education and application are the main components of safe workmanship. These are ingrained in each Better Built Member. That's why health and safety training is an indelible part of Better Built. 

Better Built Members are committed to a sustainable environment.

Better Built Members are commited to improving the built environment. This means members are actively engaged in learning and applying sustainable construction strategies and technologies.

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