Green Collar Jobs and Training

Green Collar Jobs and Training

Across the country new initiatives are underway to create and promote green collar jobs. Green collar jobs may simply be existing jobs with a new focus on energy efficiency, sustainability or green technology. They may also be new jobs in new areas of green technology. Still other green collar jobs will be created based on technology we do not yet know about. 

Better Built Members' collars are turning green as well. They have been actively training in areas of sustainable construction and green technology, many achieving professional accreditation or certification.

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Information Resources for Green Collar Jobs

Several resources describe green collar jobs and post positions:

Training Resources for Green Collar Jobs

Preparing for a green collar job in construction generally begins with core training in apprenticeship and/or college for a building trades or construction management career. Many apprenticeship programs and colleges now even offer green building courses as part of this core training.

Existing construction workers can upgrade their skills and engage in green building training through apprenticeship programs, colleges or other local training providers.

Some training programs have received local, state, and/or federal grant funds to help individuals and businesses cover all or a portion of training. 

The following is a list of area providers for green building training and certification:


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